Nothing Xtreme

In my last post I was pretty excited about the new CBZ that was going to come. I had also said that finally HH was giving the CBZ its due. Well, i want to take all that back, for the new bike is not a CBZ. Its not extreme. Its a totally diff bike with a 150cc engine. First pics below , thanks to the people on the pulsar, cbz and bikenomads group.

The sticker. As per nitin - thats the only X-treme part of it - and that too due to the lettering.

New Stickering - only thing which it seems HH is doing.

Side Profile
Things to note:
  • ZMA style alloy wheels.
  • Black painted engine. I guess HH got heartburn when they saw the fear the black
  • Passion(?) style body coloured rearview mirrors. More jhakas ?

Instrument Panel
This is a step backward
  • Single indicator for left and right indicators. yuck.
  • Redlining at 9k rpm. Looks to be a high revving bike.
  • Wierd look of the console if you ask me.

Nothing to write home about.

Following pics show the rear tailight arrangement. Pics are courtesy Nitin.

All in all, i guess I would not have been so unhappy if they had not used the CBZ name here. That really hurts.

News in the press :


  1. Thank you dude for ruining my fantasies for the bike ... i saw the pics first on your blog ... dissappointed ...and now agree with your unhappiness due to association of the name CBZ with it ...
    Anyways ... Keep going

  2. thnx dude.....atleast now i will stop fantasizing 'bout dat wierd machine.....waiting for new dts-fi...

  3. they have tried (yet again) to get away with new stickering job and imitative design concepts. Tail cluster imitated from Fazer. Overall body styling imitated from Pulsar 180 "Fear te black" edition and TVS Apache. And that stuppppid-looking headlight with integrated sidelamps ... ahhh ... lesser said the better. Its high time for the HH Munjals to grow up and take notice what they are doing!

  4. this bike mite just about turn out to be a winner in its class.I Recommend this bike.

  5. looking at the specs, removing the CBZ hangover from my mind, revisiting the bike - it does look like its better than what it seems. Will test ride and then only give an opinion - but i am kinda siding with arpan on this one.

  6. It is really xtreme. unless and until u buy it u can not realise it. it is definitely better than dtsi 150 and 180. cbz is extreme smooth for riding. no vibrant noice like bajaj bikes. avg. is good. it is heighted than bajaj pulsar. only heighted peoples touch the extreme. it is like riding a hourse. when u sit on bajaj pulsar u feel the same as sitting on other ordinary 100cc bikes. but siting on a cbz xtreme is different, it is like riding a hourse. any way is extreme i any way...................