Breakfast Ride

Lineup at A1

Pascal was in town. Chatted with him on saturday and decided to meet up next day, but thought - hey, its been like a long time. Lets have breakfast on the Highway ! Pascal got in touch with GR and the deal was on. Later on contacted Swamy and Partha to meet up at Runway 9 to leave for the A1 for breakfast. GR called in evening to convey that Manju from 60kph and a Malaysian who was on an India ride was also going to join us for breakfast.

After ages, got up at 6am. Sleepy. Called up Swamy and Partha to wake them up. No replies. Gave up. Left around 6:45 and was at runway9 at 7:25am. GR and Pascal(pillion) came and we waited a bit more. Then this dude on a Beemer came up. Luggage loaded. Just started chatting with him and Manju showed up also. Decided not to waste time here and talk but move to the A1 restaurant.

Got to know that Ahmad Rosman was on a trip across asia and had to be in Darjeeling by wednesday. Spent time calling up people and finding out how good the route from Nagpur to Calcutta was. Did not get full details, but Ahmad decided to go anyways instead of doubling back to hyderabad and going via vijayvada.

Left the place at 9:45 back to hyderabad. As we came into the bad hyd traffic, heard a shout of 'Vibhu' ! It was my colleage from office Rejish. Told him I was just back from a 100kms or so breakfast ride ... he was flabbergasted.

How to make him understand why we ride ;)


  1. Vibhu,

    On which highway and approximately where is this A1 plaza at?

  2. It is on the Nagpur highway , around 45 kms from hyderabad city centre.

  3. Looks like A1 plaza is turning out to be a breakfast destination for BNers :)