Happy New Year

Another year goes by. Another year dawn. The earth completes one more circuit around the sun. Tonight there will be parties, tomorrow hangovers.

2008 is a leap year. Which means that Feb will have 29 days, and anyone born on 29th Feb will age 4 times slower than others ! For the others, who don't celebrate 29th Feb, we have 1 more day of work.

This year, most of the govt holidays, which we get off , fall on weekends. E.g 26th Jan is ... a Saturday. +1 day of work. As per my company calendar, my next holiday falls in May. sigh !

Oh well, I am supposed to be happy about another year coming. But without even 1st being an off day, how can I be happy about new year ? I am supposed to keep resolutions, which end with the new year. I am supposed to ... oh well, i am getting cynical.

WTF ! Happy New Year ! ! !

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  1. wish u a happy new year and lot of trouble free miles, vibhu..