Tata 'nano' for 1 Lakh

Tata recently launched their 1 Lack car at the auto expo being held in Delhi. Following pic from rediff :

Me, i think its a great achivement. But at the same time I can't help being pessimistic. Why so ?? Read on...

So, lets see who can afford the car now. This is gonna come in the segment of people who typically own the low cc bikes - splendors, xcd etc. Now, these guys have no traffic sense whatsoever. They ride around weaving along on the road, stop where they feel like. So, now these guys are gonna ride around, feeling all proud to own a 4-wheeler. Whereas you could have a bike going around the city, you fill up the space or 2-3 bikes with a car. Traffic Mayhem on the cards !

grumble grumble, when will they release some good bikes in the 400cc range...

Specs :
Engine Capacity : 624cc
Fuel : Petrol
Power : 33bhp
Fuel Capacity : 30ltr
Shift : Manual, 4 gear
Mileage : 23kmpl
Cost : 1 Lakh ex shoroom ( standard variant - non AC version)

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