I just joined a free online game called Ikariam. The best thing about it ? Its web based !


which means - if you can browse, you can play this. I am actually logged in on linux !

Now, there are many online browser based games, and most of them follow the same philosophy - you expand your economy by gathering resources and researching technologies, build up a military and go and rule the world ! However, most of them are quite boring games - with simple html pages. Nice concept - ugly execution.

Ikariam on the other hand has finally done something about the way it looks. It shows you the world map, and you can zoom into your city wherein it shows the different city plots available to build up. Its kind of like Civilization, if you have played that game, but in a much more relaxed way - things takes minutes and hours instead of seconds to build. Check out the small tour that they have up , so you get an idea about the game.

If you have freetime, and you can access this website , create a login. My city is called Brahmapolis, and is at 21.44 loction in the Delta server map ! send me a message if you log in !

You can register for free by clicking here . Try to create account on Delta world.

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