When someone beckons

Do you ever feel that there is something out there ? The moon does make it seem so sometimes. I get the goosebumps..

chanda mama

Minority Report with the Wii

Wii is the nintendo game console which is getting very popular. I wonder when it will be available in india :(

Anyways, stumbled across a video of how an ingenious person started a project to use the remote of the Wii and use it to figure out where his fingers are and use that as an interface to the computer , kinda like the way Tom Cruise uses in the film Minority Report. Check out the video.

You can check out Johnny Cheung's page at his homepage.

PS : if you are coming from the USA, can you get me the Wii ? :D

happy holi !

happy holi !
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Saw this party coloured bull being led away.. half hearted attempt at holi ?

Ek Cup Chai

Chai, originally uploaded by vibhu.

I got my new camera last weekend, but haven't been able to use it much. Out of the box it comes with a 32MB card - what a joke ! The S5 IS has a 8MP resolution - so each file is almost 2MB in size. 16 pics is all you can take if you use that.

So, the first things done were to buy a 2GB SD card from sandisk, and 4 rechargeable batteries. Another day goes by while the batteries get charged.

No subject for the photographs. Fiddling with the features of the camera, drinking tea - when i think about trying the macro feature on the tea itself. The result is quite pleasing, though a bit grainy.

Apple is in India

Apple store is now in India !

I just saw the ad in the paper today, and checked out the website. You can check it out at :
The store has the relevant information about each model - damn expensive though :( ... and no info about the iPhone :(

Boo to Reliance

I have a reliance broadnet connection.

My advice to you - dont go for it. More often than not, its not working. For the last 2 days no net connection. Zilch. Everytime I call up customer care - they tell me it will be fixed as soon as possible. Its been 2+ days - and it is still not 'as soon as possible'.

Looking for alternate connection now at my place.

Brainstorm Ubuntu

Are you one of those linux guys/gals ? I am anyways , so blogging about it :D

Ubuntu is one of the slickest linux distributions out there. I used to be a Red Hat fan, but now moving over to using ubuntu. These folks have started a new site for inviting recommendations on what things should be getting fixed in linux. The site name is Ubuntu Brainstorm. What you waiting for ? Go and vote there !