2009 Wish List

First and foremost ! Welcome to the new year ! If you are from hyderabad, you will be especially excited about the new year as it ends in 9 - and Hyderabadis just love that number ! 

What were your resolutions for the year ? Great ! And now you have broken most of them ;) Ha Ha Ha ! Thats the way they are supposed to work ! 

Anyways, my post is not about resolutions. Its about a wishlist from this year. In no particular order ... 

I wish 
  • iPhone would become cheaper in India. Then i can pick up a 16GB one for 20k INR. Sweet. who cares if it does not have FM. That brings me to the next point.
  • FM channels which dish out only hindi songs should have the presenters speaking in Hindi. I just don't get it - they talk a lot in Marathi and then play a hindi song. Sounds out of sync. If you are talking in marathi please play Marathi songs. If you want to play Hindi songs, speak in Hindi. Its like you are listening to a Rock channel and the presenter starts talking in Hindi about Creed or something ! 
  • Chandni Chowk to China lives up to my expectations. I care shit about critics. Its easy to be a critic. You will get a full gamut of them in your office. 
  • The police does something to combat terrorism and make the common man's life easy, instead of treating all common people like suspects. 
  • Also I just don't get it. After each bomb scare the Traffic Police gets all pompous about PUC and NOC checks ! I wish they first learn to do their jobs and take traffic policing seriously, and be able to get better road sense into people. 
  • People should become more helpful. Currently people just dont care. Yeah. someone will leave a comment that look at how helpful mumbaikars were after the blasts. My wish is different. I wish people were helpful without having blasts to wake them up. 
  • I wish the MotoGP season rocks. I don't get turned on by the F1 cars, but the MotoGP is something I greatly like. Motorcycles in my blood you know. Which brings me to
  • the Indian motorcycle companies should launch some bikes in the 250cc segment. Currently we have low end bikes - think splendors, pulsars, or , very high end bikes - the R1, etc. I want something in the 2L bracket boasting a VTwin engine. 
  • I wish the roads become better to run the above bikes on. :) . Also if the Traffic Police do their jobs, and get people to drive sanely, and not walk on the roads, it would be a pleasure to ride/drive your machine.
  • But people will walk on the roads. There are no footpaths . I wish that the municipal officers actually start thinking that unlike them in their govt cars, people do go about their day to day activities on foot or public transport. Heres a toast to footpaths and metro system in each city of India. 
  • I wish we get a good leadership. Dr. M looks like a sweet man, but he is highly ineffectual. Does he ever talk ? Or is it Madamji doing all the talk ? I with for Rahul Gandhi to create his own party and getting younger and like minded people with him. Why are we ruled by people so old that if they were in a govt job they would be retired by now ?
  • I wish for politicians to get superannuated . Nobody above 60yrs should be allowed to run for a post. 
  • I wish India become an economic superpower ! Ha ! If we are good in economy we don't have to worry about the world suffering economic crisis
  • I wish some great new game comes up which tears me away from World of Warcraft. Well, Diablo3 is slated to be out this year. Hoping for this one ;)
  • I wish BN becomes the best place for bikers in the world. But with the current website it has, not going to happen. Do you know anyone who can sponser my pay so i can sit and code ;)
  • I wish for some great movies from Bollywood which are hatke , like RockOn. 
  • I wish for a mild summer. I don't want to get scorched. Anyone know if that would create problems with crops ? 
  • I wish PMC does something about water problem. This region gets lots of rainfall, and yet we get water cuts and powercuts. 
  • I wish people in India realize that being 1+ billion people is not an achievement to be proud of , but to be wary of. We have a limited set of resources. 
  • I wish people stop living in the glory of the past, and start creating today's glory. Be a hero day should come into effect ! 
phew ! Ran out of breath. Whats your wish list ? :D


  1. Hey Vibhu,
    I wish that all your wishes come true :) Happy new year. I never knew you had a blog too.

  2. Thanks man :D

    I've had a blog for a very long time now ! Though I am not very regular in posting. Start following me ;)

  3. I wish people would stop wishing *someone* else to solve a particular problem. When are *you* gonna make the change you craved for??

    I stumbled upon your blog randomly, and for all the resolutions you listed, why are you merely wishing that your country has this or that? Stand up and make the changes. If not, the next generation will be making the same new year resolution as you.


  4. @naga

    I did think about writing the things I will be doing - but then it is a resolution. I am avoiding any resolutions this year, as I always break them - specially the new year ones.

    Tell me, what are the changes you are making ? I am interested to know how one does these changes at an individual level.