9 Lives

9 Lives is the latest book by William Dalrymple. I have grown fond of his readings after reading City of Djinns, The Last Moghul and In Xanadu.

When I got the book ( borrowed from my cousin in exchange for the Last Moghul), I was wondering what the book would be about. It was about 9 lives - or people that was clear. But what was not clear was how it would be played out.

Well, its simple really. These are 9 different lives. Its like the biographies of 9 different people. Each life is contained in its own - a separate story.

Each story is about a religious sect - which you may heard of, but in the urban worlds we live in, these are shunned. Its a peek into the lives of the sadhus and other holy men and women of India. It delves into their psyche as to what makes them do the things they do. Be it a Jain nun, or a Tibetan Monk or a Tribal Singer or a Tribal dancer. Following these unlikely people and learning about their lives , WD has presented a look into a world we know exists, but never bothered to find out about.

This book is definitely a must read. I am sure you will be touched by these lives, and would want to find more about India.


  1. I think India is so varied that we never look outside our comfort zone/social strata or do not want to look outside our comfort zone/social strata. I have not read the book but i think it would be a good read. I would search for it in the library here.

  2. Its a new book so not sure if available in the libraries. But definitely you should get your hands on it.

  3. Human life is vast in terms of experiences and emotions. I think 9 lives leaves a stamp of behavioral psychology on the minds of the readers.