Lazy Sunday Morning Ride

Just a few kms out of dwarka you come across fields and a different landscape from the concrete monstrosity of Delhi. 

It is still hot in Delhi, but not that bad that you cant ride. However, the humidity is quite stifling. Just a break of a few mins makes you bathed in sweat.

The recent rains were good for the fields I guess. And the field was the home of many birds.

From here I headed towards the Najafgarh canal, which I had gone a few months back in the dry season. The stench was less now due to the rains, and it was all green. Lovely to ride in this place just a short distance from my home.

Just think how great this place would be for a picnic if the canal was not abused by using it as a public drain. The boat was being used by a couple of guys to gather some of the floating vegetation, but imagine if we could boat on this stretch ? Maybe even have kayak races in the stretches like the one below ?

The blueness of the sky and the greenery of the vegetation was such a great feeling ! Many times the egrets flew across the front of the bike, and once a monitor lizard around one and a half feet slithered off the road in the distance ahead.

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