An Accident.

I first saw him on the Sancheti Hospital bridge at around 10pm on my way home. He had stopped his CBZ on the bridge to put oh his earphones - probably to listen to FM.

From the bridge i turned towards University circle. Just after ESquare , and before the turn for Symbiosis, he passed me again - doing some 80kmph on the dark night roads. He's going fast i thought, when suddenly - crash. A bike had come out of the leeward side of the car and this chap just crashed. A high side and i can see sparks on the road.

I cross the junction and stop my bike to see what is happening. The guys coming into the intersection were looking dazed, though both were unhurt. The front wheel of their bike (pulsar 150 ) was bent out but other than that they were okay, as they were at a standstill at the time of impact.

The other guy was thrown about 20ft away from his bike which itself had crashed into the median. He was lying on the ground on his stomach but was holding his head above the ground . His face was red with the blood seeping out from somewhere in his head.

I thought of helping out, but with so many people already making a beeline to him, it was fast becoming a crowded place, and i left the place.

What if this chap was wearing a helmet ? I am sure that he would not be needing those stitches on his head. Flouting the rules may make you feel a hero, but it sure puts a crimp in your style when you crash.

Guys, and gals, please observe the following common sense when on your bike:
1. Wear a helmet always, even if you are going 'just a km'.
2. Wear protective clothing if you know you ride fast.
3. Ride within your limit, and slow down at crossings.

If you live longer - you will enjoy your ride longer

Got to know about Orkut yesterday. Pretty good site for networking with friends. Managed to find a few lost friends from my college days !

I am on a lot of other networking sites, but nowhere else is it done so elegantly. The chap who started it off was one of the original creators of Google - guess the quality shows here also. In case you do join orkut, don't forget to add me as your friend ! :-)

26th May 2005:
As 'Anonymous' below points out - the chap responsible for Orkut is actually one of the developers who worked on Google. Oh well - but they have done a good job. However, Orkut seems to have gone a bit stale as of now :(
Rains in Pune.

Been sick for the last couple of days. Probably due to change in weather as the monsoons have finally hit pune. Water logging and electricity cuts seem to be the order of the day now.

It gets pretty boring staying at home with nothing to do . The cable guy does not seem to have a electricity backup and so can't even watch tv when the electricity is here.

Got my gprs connection working finally with my mobile phone the Nokia 5100. The speed is very very slow but something is better than nothing.

On 5th June,2004, my bike (CBZ) turned 4 years. Happy bday bike and thanks for the fantastic time that I had with you through these last 4 years.
Bought 2 new games over the last weekend.

Warlords battlecry II and Lord of the Realms III.

Warlords Battlecry 2

This is a great RTS game ! The developers also have quite a sense of humor !!!
The basic premise of this game is that you need to rule over the lands of Etheria. Well, that is simple, but the problem is that there are 11 other races which are also having the same plan ... so you just naturally got to wipe them off the face of Earth .. ummm I mean Etheria !! :-D

The game starts of with you having to choose which race you want to play. Some of the races are, apart from the ever present humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dark Elves, Undead, Daemons, Feys.. I chose the Barbarian as the hero of my race - the barbarians ! After thinking some time I finally narrowed down on 'conan' as his name. The name seemed apt as clicking on the hero elicits responses like "I'll be back", "Look at my muscles" in typical Arnold drawl ! ;-)

Pretty good game and even though it is 4 years old, its good fun to play !

Lord of the Realms III
Haven't played this game too much right now. Its in 3d land.. and i am finding Warlords Battlecry a bit too interesting right now !