The kariZMA

on 17th August 2004, I went and bought my second bike. It is mareketed by hero honda and is called the Karizma.

The bike is yellow in colour.

Why yellow ? is the most common question that I have heard till now. I figure that there are 2 typres of people in the world - those who like yellow , and those who don't.

Well, my preference was to go and get the black one - but ...
  • I already have my trusty CBZ which is already black in colour
  • Black is too common a colour - and when you spend such a lot of money , you sure want your bike to be recognized from far.
The karizma is quite similar to my other bike , the cbz, in terms of handling. I think it is just a bigger version of the cbz with addons. For example, the odometer, tripmeter, fuel gague are digital - though no idea why the speedometer is not digital.

These are the initial thoughts for now.
I am leaving for bangalore tomorrow. Conference on RFID at Hotel Leela Palace. Nice time to sleep ;)