Trip done

I am now back in my office. After covering 5380kms which took me through quite a big part of india. On my return leg, i visited Pushkar and Mt Abu.

Pushkar is a small town in Rajisthan. It's claim to fame is that it is the only place in India which has a temple to the god Brahma.

Mt Abu, is a hill station , again in Rajishtan, which has Jain Temples , carved from marble. The carving is exquisite, something which is to be seen to be appreciated. Some other pilgrimage sites are there too, but this was the main attraction for which i had gone. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the temple, and I could not get any pics of the amazing karigiri.

The return leg was :
Delhi-> Ajmer ( pushkar is 15kms from here) -> Mt Abu -> Ahmedabad -> Pune.

In all the return leg took me 4 days. The longest distance was covered on the last day, of approximately 650kms which I covered in 11.5 hours. The only issue was that it was getting hotter the more south I came. Finally, reached pune in the evening, feeling tired for the first time in the journey - more from the heat, than from the exertion.

The trip log will be up soon at my website, will blog here once I have done that.

India on 2 wheels

This blog is being written from Dehradun.

What's different this time around is that i covered the distance from Pune to Dehradun on my bike. In all I passed through 8 states and covered 3000+ kms, and that is only one way. Unfortunately, I can't upload pictures from here as the net speed is quite slow.

The route I followed was :

Pune -> Hyderabad -> Pench National Park (near Sioni, MP ) -> Bhopal -> Darrah National Park (near Kota, rajisthan) -> Jaipur -> New Delhi -> Dehradun.

I will be going back also on bike, the route being a different one. The only concern now is that, the further south I will be going, the hotter it will be, which would make riding a bit of a problem.

A note to all bikers and car enthusiasts - avoid MP as much as possible. There are no road there. They may have been there 20 years back, but now all you have is a landscape worse than a lunar one.