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Hi All,

I don't know how many people really read this blog ;-) , but if you do, or you somehow stumble upon this place by some freak accident, I have stopped blogging here. From now on, I will be found happily banging the keys at :

Why ? Cause I have my home page there ! is my home page, and I feel it to be more convenient to have everything at one place.

Drop by sometime and leave a message for me :-)

Review : The Digital Fortress

Rating : 2 Nukes

A story about how a coder writes an unbreakable program for encryption, which makes an agency known as the NSA go all bonkers trying to get the algorithm so that they can break the encryption - all for the "greater good".

Now, the book is an easy read, and you may even like it. But , if you are technically inclined, keep away from it. Dan Brown should probably keep to art and history at which he excels. But, tech talk is something he is very green at, and does not really understand. So, its a thriller - with a maniacal assasin thrown in for good measure - and a bunch of tech jargon.

Not worth a read ... and not at all upto the standards of The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons.

What is a game?

Let's be blunt. Games are drugs.
A game is a pre-packaged set of stimuli and directed player responses that piggy back on existing human risk / reward systems and create a measurable psychological addiction.

After reading the above, you just gotta read this article on the Genere addict !

The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing

This is a cool writeup on interviewing candidates that a friend forwared to me. Talks about how to interview candidates and what one should look for in candidates. Its not about what they know - its about if they are smart and can get things done.

Makes a lot of sense.

Just a passing Hi !

Gawd, back to work and already I am getting massacred. No, its not my work. Well, let me rephrase it - its not 'just' my work. Now, I am being pushed into the role of a Manager from the role of a Tech lead . However, since the folks I work with think I am good technically (hey ! that's news to me ! ) , I have to do my usual 'bug-fixing' work *and* take care of the team.

Team is pretty good :). The guys are good and work hard. Ummm... too hard at times I feel. But, nowdays I am bugged with small issues that crop up with their work as wlel.

No body said life would be easy - but they did not tell me it would be so hard !

So, I have been unable to write my trip log of my mamoth trip through india. And on top of that I have been thinking of revamping my website - seems like a distant dream now.

The bit of solace that I had was that I went and bought a couple of games - War of the Ring and Cultures.

War of the Ring is set in the Tolkien world , and is based on events which go in parallel to the main story of Lord of the Rings. So, in one mission you are Legolas fighting of Orcs overtaking your country. Well , you get the ideah ? Haven't yet come across Gandalf, but I guess if I keep on playing it a bit more, I will stumble across him too.. and where the heck is the Balrog hiding ? Come on baby ! Light my fire !

Cultures on the other hand is a totally differnt game. Its about city building. You build a city in ancient Viking Land. The graphics is like the Asterix comics and the pace is quite slow. For reading more about the fun story, click here !!!

Nothing much apart from this.