Amalgam of posts

Wow! I cant believe that I have not written an entry here for such a long time !

I still dont have anything original at this time to write, ;-) , so I am just going to post a few links from around the net. Stuff which is related to work and leisure.

Joel has some great articles on getting the correct people for the job. I dont think old age managers will agree to what he says, but a computer junkie it makes sense. Here are the posts :

Now that you are done with some heavy reading and how to interview/be interviewed, we move on to leisure. Right now I live an alternative life as a Night Elf in the World of Warcraft Game. As such I have started another blog on his life, and that also allows me to check out the new beta from blogger. Its neat - but still has a few problems like still not being able to place the images correctly. Anyways, the new link to the new blog is :

And if you think I am nuts about gaming - check this out :
On the biking front - not much happened. Hyderabad is one of the most un-happening cities i have lived in - which can be attributed to not having any interesting places around, bad roads , bad traffic sense and a very hot climate. On BN though, we recently created the Hall of Fame - which lists the achivements of some members there. :-D. And no - I dont lead the standings.


  1. hey
    even i was wondering how come u r so silent on ur blog. well first thing first,
    1. What is this Ruby on Rails? Have read somewhere but just did nt get a single thing. I now believe i am a geriatric in software world even though i work for an IT company.
    2. Can i share my photos with ppl who do not flckr id without making them public?
    Hey, where do u write ur blog? do u have net connection at home?

  2. oh boy ! so many questions !!

    First and formost, I would really like to know who the anonymous person is :-)

    Q. Ruby on Rails
    A. I have not worked on it, so I am not talking from experience. Ruby is a programming language. Ruby on Rails is a framework made using it for web development.

    Its quite a buzzword nowdays - fact is very few people really know about it.

    Q. Sharing pics in private on flickr
    A. Not doable. Send them pics by email :-)

    Q. Where do I write my blog.
    A. Mostly at home. Sometimes from office, but I have a 24 hour broadband connection at home, and mostly I use it for gaming ( wow ) and internet work and linux.

    Hope that answers the questions. Pascal, if you read this - maybe you can give some info on RoR in case you have been following that ?