CBZ Xtreme

The king is back ! If you have been watching TV, then the teasers are already on - with the catch line "from the makers of the CBZ". Finally the beast gets its due.

The CBZ had been the bike I always liked. Its still my first love. And it sure feels good to see it is going to come back. If you have not seen the ads then check them out at the new site cbz Xtreme.

As homage, I have changed the backdrop of my desktop with a backdrop of the CBZ. IF you need the wallpaper, just ping me!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vibhu,
    I'm too a CBZ fanatic but i think you would be extremely dissapointed to see the new CBZ xtreme .I have manged to get one of its pics and boy you would like to kill the guy who designed the XTREME.If you want to see the pic then pls mail me at wraith554@gmail.com.