The story of Hayden and Pedrosa Crash

Captains Log 2006.

After year of ruling the motorcycle championships , winning seasons with impunity, the God was actually behind for once ! Rossi was playing catch up with the american rider Nicky Hayden.

And then the race which changed everything...

Pedrosa knocked Nicky down. His own team mate ! Which in a single slide of madness made the lead of 12 points for Nicky slide to 8 points behind Rossi. Oh ! What in gods name was Pedrosa thinking (though Rossi fans were jubilent) ??

Why did he do it ? Some conjectures...

[I think i will be going in for a new dish on Starship Rishi. The signals from my service provider are void of Star Sports]

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  1. That trip would be one awesome ride man! btw , just noticed, the console of the new cbz looks yucky...[ no offence ].