Bike Links !

One of the most common questions that I get from people is ... on bikes. Inevitably I get emails on suggestions for bike sites. So, this blog is the one maha braham-astra blogpost which puts all the links in one place ! :-D

My Group
This obviously has to be the first link as this is a group I started with another friend of mine. Bikenomads is a generic bike group which caters to anyone who wants to ride. Check out the Hof and Wiki to understand our passion for biking. If you want to join, then join our yahoo group here.

Manufacturer Sites
These are the drool sites. The links here do not link to indian manufacturers cause they do not even give us the lowest of the low end bikes. A low end bike is normally a 250cc bike like the Ninja 250. Unfortunately, in india the manufacturers think that small bikes like the 150cc pulsar are the best.


The most revered name in biking. They have an entire range of sports and cruiser bikes. Their premium model includes the GoldWing - which comes with a music system!


Yamaha always gives an impression of speed. In India, they had launched the RD 350 and Rx100 which one always associated with speed. Rossi, my personal bike hero, now rides for Yamaha.

The bike manufacturer brings out some really sweet looking bikes. Did you know they also have a 2 stroke engine which is as clean as the 4 stroke engines?

The Monster line of bikes really have a mean look.


Another Japanese bike manufacturer with the Hayabusa which you may have seen as John Abraham's bike in Dhoom. Did you know that the name Hayabusa means the peregrine falcon - the fastest bird on the planet ?


The makers of the ZX14 Ninja , the most powerful factory bike which dethroned the Hayabusa as the fastest one around. In India Bajaj had a tie up with Kawasaki to make the initial bikes and the Eliminator.

Best known for its low bike maintainence and a unique horizontal engine. Their enduro bikes are the loved by many people, and the reliability means that people take them to some really inhospitable climates !
Harley Davidson

One of the earliest bike manufacturer is a cult bike. Did you know that you can customize your bikes ?
The following are some lesser known (to the general public) names of bikes :


Most of the manufacturers provide their own line of bike apparel. Its serious stuff. Suppose you are cruising merrily at 100mph and crash ! These stuff saves you from serious injuries to the maximum possible. Here's a list of some of the other apparel manufacturers :
Jackets and other gear :

Helmets :

For India

Coming back to the reality around us, heres a list of groups i know of :
Bike Groups :

Blogs of note :

  • Rearset - Anonymous guy writing about riding. Good stuff on this site.
  • Indian2wheels - New!
  • Biking the world - One indian. One bike. One world. The amazing blog of Bharadwaj Dayala who is biking around the world on a karizma. Check his blog out and leave a comment there - he will surely appreciate it.

Bike Stuff

I have got a lot of requests from viewers here to also list Indian Bike sites, specifically a lot of requests from the Bull owners ! The reason I have not put them up here, as my friend who had asked for information which has lead to this post wanted to know more about where I got my wallpapers from ! :-D

Further Adding more links here would probably make the list a bit too long. Again, I run into the problem of missing out some more bike sites and then those guys will be baying for my bloog ! So, what I have done is set up a list of Indian bikes on BN . You can access the link at:

Let me know if I have missed out on something yet again !


  1. You missed Royal Enfield web site...

  2. Not really,

    I did not mention any Indian manufacturers.

  3. nice writeup vibhu.
    RE has a community with trip logs/discussions etc..guess thats what rocky is pointing out.

  4. Vibhu nice list, do add a list of Indian motorcycle manufacturers after all we are all Indian's :)

  5. i was underwhelmed at the paragraph u have given about Ducati. Could've mentioned 916 which is the precursor for modern day super bike design.

  6. No rearset link? heh heh

  7. Plz check out my blog

    I have put quite a lot of effort in it for the last 4 months..

    Plz let me know how you liked it..

  8. gr8 work vibhs... correct binelli as Benelli.

    Next step wud be listing down Indian Larryies n Foose n such bike bulders ;)

    maybe it wud be a bit toomuch for juntaa ??? :D

  9. nice writeup.
    but i have not seen any recent trip logs. given up on riding? (i know that can never happen)

  10. Arun/rocky, please provide the links if it is not already on the BN wiki site.

    Nomad, :-) . Now, when you meet most people who are casual bikers, they are not interested in the history, but the bikes. The ducati monsters are their trademarks the world over. When you get to know ducati, inevitably you get to know about the ducati.

    rearset and indian2wheels added.

    Quix , thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. My bad of me. :(

    Rahul, no recent trips. Hyderabad does not have decent trip places which are the weekend types. Have to discover a few, and then you will get the updates. Also have been really really busy with release pressures in the office - so you can blame my office :-D

    Also added Biking the World link. This chap is riding around the world on his bike.

  11. dude, u forgot about KTM. The radical manufacturer.

  12. the indian2wheels blog has a list of links of indian bike manufacturers and also other links like bike blogs, auto blogs etc

    the blog is quite cool. one of the best

  13. Tushal, the KTM link is there. I had not expanded on the bike info as such.

  14. Very nice compilation..
    Really nice job.

  15. Nice write up Vibhi


  16. you listed "bike stuff" and Apparel but forgot which has alpinestars, axo and their own brand for apparel.

  17. yeah DSG.

    how can you miss that. the best Indian brand for jackets and gloves.

    DSG is much better than cramster or other Indian brands in quality. plus they are the oly Indian distributors for Alpine stars and Daijya in India.

    Please include DSG's website.