Happy New Year

Sikkim fog - pic by my sister
A very happy new year to you all !! The new year starts ... and another year rolls by.

What will this year have in store ? Lets do some trivia...
  • The year of the bond. Many people link 007 to James Bond. I got a lot of sms's about it.
  • This year is the year of the pig according to the Chinese Calendar.
  • It is the International Polar Year. Actually the year continues till 2009...
  • It is the International Heliophysical Year .. did not have enough time to read what it was.
  • It ads to 9. This is nothing great, but causes a great deal of excitement in Hyderabad as the no 9 is supposed to be lucky here. People pay extra bucks to get number plates for their vehicles which add to 9, or has 9 in it.
Whatever the year is, have a blast.

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  1. Amazing photograph!!!
    ....Guess Who?