WoW : Karazan and T4 gloves

I actually started a different blog for my ingame character of a Night Elf Hunter named Brahmos. However, I find it too tedious to take care of 2-3 blogs at the same time. So, from now on, I am just gonna start posting here about the game and the travels in it.

Ok, so finally I got another slot at Karazan. The problem is that the guild I am in is singapore based. They start the kara stuff around 6:30pm IST. That in itself is ok with me, except that on the first day of the raid, I have a call in the office :( . Suffice to say, I am almost never on a run. However, sometimes I get lucky. You see, on a 10 man instance run, there are specific places where you can join in, if you have not played before. The place wherein I got in was the Curator.

Bam Bam Bam, and down he went the first time round ! And lookie here ! what does he drop ? A tier 4 glove which is usable by only hunters, warlocks and mages ! And since Brahmos is the only hunter in the glove - its for us !

Ok. Assuming the average person here does not know WTH I am talking about, I will explain a bit, and also the screenshot above. Most links in this article will take you to sources which explain more about particular terms.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a game played online with other players. The common aim is to kill the monsters, and at the end levels (i.e. at lvl 70), it means the monsters are so tough that it takes teams to take them down. This particular instance is a 10 man raid. The screenshot above will give you an idea about what happens.

The lowest bars and the ones on the right are quick click-links to my abilities as a hunter. Suppose I want to fire a poison arrow, i click on the image for it and voila - the target gets poisoned. The backpack you see is a kind of inventory i carry around. Whatever loot we get, as well other stuff we can buy from vendors gets into it. The mouseover shows the glove that I so gleefully described above :D

The left side shows the party interface. 10 people , 5 with portraits are in my group (each group is max 5 people). On the top right is 'damage done'. I am 4th in that, but that is not so very good. However, I console myself that the other people are those who go on each raid. So, their equipment is much better than mine. I guess if I was on most of these raids, I would easily be in top 2. Equipment matters a lot in end game instances in WoW.

So, here I leave you scratching your head on what the hell did Vibhu post here ! :-D

(If you are interested , check out the introduction to WoW )


  1. Not to sound like a noob or anything but I probably will, i had the gauntlets of renewed hope drop in kara on my 1st run yesterday, once socketed with teardrop living rubys (18 heal a piece) and since im a chanter i enchanted it with major healing (35+ hp heal) along with its base of 62 heal it totals 133hp heal which is actually very bad ass.. i read around tho and ppl say T4 or tier4 gloves are better cuz of the spell crit, but my question is what the hell is a tier4 item, even better what the hell is tier4 (is there a tier 3 etc..) I know tier means levels but Im kinda confused.. help!

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