Breakfast Ride/Drive

Its been a long time since I hit the highway. So, decided to hook up with a few BNers this weekend. Decided to go to the A1 outlet on the Nagpur highway and meet up with GR. 8am we were to meet up at Runway 9 . The excuse was that we would distribute the BN Ts, but unfortunately, they had not arrived. Decided to head out and enjoy the morning anyways.

I think I have forgotten how to get up early ! Reached around 8:20am, by which time the BNers were already there. GR, Naveen and Mohit with their bikes. This time I was going with my wife and a couple friends. I went in my Verna.

Intros over (first time I was meeting Naveen and Mohit) we decided to move towards A1. I took GRs spanking new 220 and rode up till the A1 restaurant. This was the tough part - sunday morning, nice highway road, and doing max of 65kmph as the bike was being run in.

Reached the A1 - but it was closed. I dont know why reliance wants to waste money. The A1s on both the Pune highway and the Nagpur highway are closed. sigh!

So, we decided to head out more , towards Nagpur and get a dhaaba. Finally came to a Punjabi Dhaaba where we pulled up and had aloo paranthas with anda bhurji and chai ! Swapped bike stuff with the BNers. But I think my cager friends got bored ! :)

GR on Quicker Silver

The men and their machines. From left : Pulsar 220 with GR, Mohit with Pulsar 180, Naveen with Karizma R, Vibhu and Manav with Verna.

iPod Touch

Drool ! This is what a music player should be like ! Wow ! Totally blown away.

But after the launch of the iPhone earlier this year , this was sure to happen. However, if you ask me , I would still like to get the iPhone instead of the iPod, just so that I dont have too many different devices.

Read more on the Apple site. Watch the videos. Ah-maze-ing