In love with the iPhone

My cousin was in India for a few days, and Pune only for a day. And he had an iPhone !

Oh man ! what a sweet device. Its wider and longer than the E6 I have , but almost 1/2 as thin. If you look at the shot above, the date is Sat 5th ( this weekend). Only later did i think about having taken the pic with my E6 next to it.

It requires one to have clean hands, as we found out after eating Paranthas. The screen got smeared, even though we had washed our hands. A quick wipe from a paper napkin, and it was clean.

The slide-to-unlock was super cool ! If you have watched the introduction of the iPhone, you know what I am talking about. Well, everything about the phone is cool. Everything 'flows' together. Click on an icon, and it flows up , expanding to fill the screen.

My bro uses it as a photo album. The flick to change the pics was so intuitive. I think, if nothing else, this is gonna be a hit with people who want to show their family pics, travel pics etc. It makes all of that almost like flipping through a photo album. No scroll bars, just a flip of the page. Easy !

I also wanted to check out the typing, as on the E6 its a pain. I have tried the onscreen keyboard as well as handwriting recognition, but its really slow. With the iPhone you need to use your thumbs to type , and I was wondering how i will type properly on it. But its a breeze. Put your thumb on a character, and it ballons up , so you can see which character your thumb is on. You can then slide your thumb around if you hit the wrong character till you are on the right one, and when you leave it, the character gets input into whatever you are using ( I was trying with notes).

sms chat is like an IM chat (e.g. google talk), where the sms from you and your friend shows up as a conversation. No going to the sent items to figure out what you sent. Its right there on your face when you type. flick up to go through the past conversation. The only other phone I have seen this on is the Treo ( Palm version, not the Windows version). I wonder what's stopping other phone manufacturers don't do this, its so convenient.

The only question that remains is "WHEN ARE THEY GONNA RELEASE THE IPHONE IN INDIA ?"

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