What happened to TV?

This new year was spent at home. I was thinking, that TV should have some good programs on. How wrong I was. There was nothing interesting on TV.

What happened to TV ? I remember earlier years, where the whole recap of the year was given on the last day of the year. But this time, all we got to see were old movies which have come umpteen times, and people drunk and tripping (can't call _that_ dancing).

Does anyone know of a site which has the year in recap ?


  1. mad ethe same mistake - turning on the tv.. when i realised therz nothing worth watching, switched it off and put some songs...

  2. most of the good stuff is on the internet.
    for ex. a search for "year 2007" and "top 2007" on youtube was a much more interesting watch :)

  3. Thing is once you leave TV for a long time , the old programs you're familiar with get over , new ones come out which you may not have heard of , and may not like as it's more drama nowadays. It can take a while to find somthing you'd watch regularly . Maybe like Lost , or Heroes rather than Desperate Housewives or Oprah Winfrey or that Bold n beuatiful thingie ( it's still going on ! )