Brainstorm Ubuntu

Are you one of those linux guys/gals ? I am anyways , so blogging about it :D

Ubuntu is one of the slickest linux distributions out there. I used to be a Red Hat fan, but now moving over to using ubuntu. These folks have started a new site for inviting recommendations on what things should be getting fixed in linux. The site name is Ubuntu Brainstorm. What you waiting for ? Go and vote there !


  1. i am always a tux fan.. :-) thnx 4 posting it..... Ubuntu, undoubtly, is one of the best linux distro i hv come across, and i too hv moved from red hat to Ubuntu... plan to put abt brainstorm @ my blog too, and sure, will link to ur blog....

  2. cool..didnt know abt that...and yeah i had always flirted with other distros before going back to winDUHs, but after ubuntu, my lappy has gotten used to the more "Human" things (pun intended ;) )