Ek Cup Chai

Chai, originally uploaded by vibhu.

I got my new camera last weekend, but haven't been able to use it much. Out of the box it comes with a 32MB card - what a joke ! The S5 IS has a 8MP resolution - so each file is almost 2MB in size. 16 pics is all you can take if you use that.

So, the first things done were to buy a 2GB SD card from sandisk, and 4 rechargeable batteries. Another day goes by while the batteries get charged.

No subject for the photographs. Fiddling with the features of the camera, drinking tea - when i think about trying the macro feature on the tea itself. The result is quite pleasing, though a bit grainy.


  1. congratz on the new cam :-D

  2. congratz vibhu...
    I too got a S5 IS recently, BUT I got it for free :D.
    Read here for the scoop:

    And yeah, abt the charging: why don't you buy a rapid charger? I bought a Duracell one some 3 years ago (when I bought my S1 IS). It charges 4 2500 mAh batteries within half an hour..

  3. @ xh : Thanks man!
    @Shantanu : /heartburn !

    Gratz man. That was sure some luck !

  4. ""32MB card - what a joke ""

    Seriously ..what a joke !!!

    How much did you pay for ur camera!

    Please upload some more pics from ur SLR..)