Too Busy being Busy

Sometimes it seems to me that everyone wants to be busy - being busy. Ask them what they do, and the answer is 'i am busy with this crisis'.

And the output - actually nothing.

So, what prompts us to be in this situation where we are busy being busy ? Why can't we grab the time and do things which are actually useful and self-satisfying instead of wondering where our time went.


  1. what u say it so very true. And it relates to what Steven Covey's also says. we spend so much time on crisis that we do not spend time on activities that would reduce or prevent crisis situation. It would be great if we can spend time on "Quadrant II" activities and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

  2. Agreed Vibhu!

    But i feel at times things are just not in our control, eventually making us a victim of the situations..
    If you cld share some quiz or pointers for the same, that wld be really gr8!