Mumbai under attack

Another terrorist attack. 

But this time was different. 

While the earlier ones were about bombs going off by a faceless association, this time it was like an assault - where you can see the people who were spreading the terror. While earlier it used to evoke images of people in your minds, this time you were seeing their faces for real. 

My heart goes out to the people who died. They were from all walks of life - sucessful people to the waiters. People from all religions. My prayers for the departed. 

What angers me more - at par at the anger for the terrorists , is the people from the media. I also label them as terrorists - as they are also spreading the terror by their non-sensical view of the situation - whether it be showing gory images or interviewing like a moron the people on the streets. Here's what was happening on Star News Hindi channel :

"Sir , what has happened here " - asks the reporter. 

Are you stupid my mind screams. WhoTF made you a reporter. The building behind you is on fire. People have died. People are still hostages and you ask such a dumb question. 

/disgust at the news channels. 

Using spreadsheets for drawing.

nice idea. use each cell as a pixel. Reminds me of the math copies we used to have in our childhood. I used some of them for pixelating a game i developed in my 10th class for the BBC micro. Similar stuff, but with 4 people collaborating.

Observation Powers

This video is amazing. First seen on rearset.

Theological Interpretations

Brahma : Systems Installation
Vishnu : Systems Administration & Support
Lakshmi : Finance and Accounts consultant
Saraswati : Training and Knowledge Management
Shiva : DBA (Crash Specialist)
Ganesh : Quality Assuarance & Documentation
Narada : Data transfer
Yama : Reorganization & Downsizing Consultant
Chitragupta : IDP & Personal Records
Apsaras : Downloadable Viruses
Devas : Mainframe Programmers
Surya : Solaris Administrator
Rakshasas : In house Hackers
Ravan : nternet Explorer WWWF
Kumbhakarnan : Zombie Process
Lakshman : Support Software and Backup
Hanuman : Linux/s390
Vaali : MS Windows
Sugreeva : DOS
Jatayu : Firewall
Dronacharya : System Programmer
Vishwamitra : Sr. Manager Projects
Shakuni : Annual appraisal & Promotion
Valmiki : Technical Writer (Ramayana Sign off document)
Krishna : SDLC ( Sudarshan Wheel Development Life Cycle )
Dharmaraj Yudhishthira : ISO Consultant (CMM level 5)
Arjun : Lead Programmer (all companies are vying for him)
Abhimanyu : Trainee Programmer
Draupadi : Motivation & Team building
Duryodhana : Microsoft product Written in VB
Karna : Contract programmer
Dhrutarashtra : Visual C++
Gandhari : Dreamweaver
100 Kauravas : Microsoft Service Packs and patches

Review : Dostana

Watched Dostana yesterday.

Lots of bodies. Male bodies. Female Bodies.

Abhishek Bacchan learnt how to act. He is hillarious.

1st half is great. 2nd half dragggssss. . .

You can opt to see it or not see it. Wont make much difference either ways.

Chandrayaan I

Amazingly, indian newpapers are not carrying this on their first pages. Where's the euphoria ? Is the scientist community so marketting starved ? 

Take both TOI and HT main pages, can you see at a glance that Chandrayaan is now in moon orbit

This is a monumentous achievement for India. But instead of throwing the limelight on this, people are just not aware of it. Come on folks ! Cheer the mission ! 

And stop reading the stupid newpapers whose only concern is about what politics is going on or whats up in the Page3 space.

Weekend Frustrations

Pune. What is happening to you ??

No electricity on the weekend. First sat - 1pm to 5:30pm. Then Sunday same time. Anyone following me on Twitter would have seen my inconsistent complaining about the lack of power on and off. I had thought that it would go away after the Youth Common-Wealth games , but the situation is not improving.

With no infrastructure projects for power generation in the future, the prospects look bleak here.

This has revised me on my ranking about the cities that I lived in . I now put Hyderabad above Pune in terms of ease for an outsider

Stressed for Time

As people who know me know - I am crazy about 2 things in life ( apart from life and wifey :) ) - gaming and biking.

For biking I have the BikeNomads group. I am quite pleased about the group having grown so much. We had the 3rd annual meet this year in Dandeli. Check out the pics if you have not done so far. Then the assosication with Yahoo - being awarded as one of the most 'interesting' groups in the Moderators conference in Mumbai, and now the featured writeup on Y! Groups Blog. The next plans is to really work on the website and take the group to the next level - Making it easy for people to find groups to travel with. 

The 2nd obsession is not that great going. If I had gone to USofA during/just after graduation, I know I would by now be a developer in a gaming company. That did not happen. So, I spend my time playing games . Here i have done 2 things. 
- Started a google group for the players of World of Warcraft - but focusing on the Indian community. As of today 78 members. 
- Started a game blog. Well, this blog was there for sometime, but it kind of felt limited. So, I have moved it from a specific character blog - to more to do with games in general. Please visit it and leave your comments there :) . 

I really do not know how fast I will be updating the blogs - I am quite stressed for time ;-)

BN on Yahoo Groups Blog

Woot ! 

Epic win ! :D

BN is now a featured group on the Yahoo Groups official blog for India. 

More of the story at : 
Please leave a comment on the writeup on Yahoo. 

Happy Diwali !

Diwali has a special place in the minds of people all over India. This year, I just had to go to my hometown, to Dehradun. It was my first time to the house after it got completed - and the feeling was just fantastic. 

With my sister also having taken a week off from her work, it was a super family get-together. 

As usual, I will not bother you with family detials, but share with you some pics ... 

Let there be Light

Lighting the Diyas



The following pics are general pics taken around the House :)

Good Morning says the Dew Drop

A Hand-Pump in the backyard

The road leading to the House