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  1. Hi Vibhu,
    I also wanted to buy Iphone once.but after reading many reviews one of them on joel (http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2008/08/22.html)
    i decided to go for E71.19k is decent buy.
    in 36k probably N97 would be good

  2. @anonymous . Thanks for the feedback man.

    Yeah, i had also gone through the link by Joel. E71 a friend of mine has . nice phone - but again its a series 60 phone. Nothing new.

    It also lacks a touch screen which I want to have in my phone.

    I tried the N97 ( it was on display next to the iPhone in chroma). I tried to play the songs. On the iPhone the library loads in a snap. On the N97, it was displaying the progress bar.

    If one does an on paper feature to feature comparison between the iPhone and the N97, the Nokia wins hands down. However, the N97s usability is nowhere near the iPhones.

    The only 2 things that hold me back from putting money in the iPhone are :
    1. high cost
    2. lock into apple things (i tunes etc).

  3. nicely put .. the phone rocks .. but not for me not now atleast

  4. Hi Vibhu,
    I agree that it depends on what are you looking forward in a phone,what are your priorities.
    But After paying INR 33 k,
    1.if I can use only one application at a time (no multi-tasking,sorry i am not impressed at all)
    2.If I have to buy a different camera for my daily clicks (Tiny camera,with poor picture quality,I am not going into Megapixel war. still Iphone camera is nothing if i compare it with other phones available in market)
    3.If i have to Remove my gloves every time to operate,even if its -2 deg cel outside (Capacitive touch of iphone,it might be good if i am using my figers all the time)
    4.If i have to use a different device to type a long email (touch keyboard sucks,when it comes to typing long emails,and it sucks even more when i am compelled to use only my fingers,No other input option)

    sorry i am not impresed.
    And there is a long list which may go on
    1)screen resolution
    2)copy and paste,
    3) lack of A2DP bluetooth
    4) flash + autofocus
    5) lack of video recording, MMS
    6) lack of sms forwarding
    7) and many other things.....

    But again it depends what are your usage.For some people just "Oh,you've got IPhone" !! works !
    They are just technically unware,and only looks matter.

    P.S. I am not anti apple/Iphone.I love steve jobs!

  5. @anonymous on Jan 11, 1:19AM

    I am not sure even to answer the rant or not, but here goes...

    First I finally bought the iPhone. 16GB model at 36kINR. Expensive - shit yeah. But I don't spend month after month thinking - what if. I spent 1 year debating whether to buy the karizma, and thought if I had bought i earlier. It was still better than some of the people who bought it after 3-4 years and came to tell me - i wish i had bought it years earlier.

    I had the MotoE6, and then a PamTreo750. I did not enjoy using the phones much. total cost comes to be around 30k - and i realized thats how much an iPhone would have cost.

    Same case with the iPhone.

    Your impression has been from reading many websites I believe and the steep price mind barrier.

    Let me see your grudges :
    1. Screen Resolution
    Can you tell me a cell phone with better screen ? I am sorry, I cant recall any.

    2. Copy and Paste.
    Yup. one of the grouses. What % of time do you use copy-paste ? I probably have used a couple of times - for getting a phone no - which you can still get in the iPhone.

    3. Bluetooth, flash and autofocus, video recording, MMS ?
    Curious. Have you used all these ? I have used blootooth on the E6 - but found it inconvenient. The headset always runs out of juice when i need it. MMS - not even used it ever. autofocus - dude the camera is wide focus. You don't need autofocus. Tell me, does your camera do geo tagging ?

    6. SMS forwarding.
    Yeah. I hate it when i get spam forwarded. I dont usually forward sms, so this is not a problem for me.

    About your other points
    - Multitasking
    Can you give an example ? I can listen to songs and browse the web through wifi - does that qualify as multitasking ? :D
    - Gloves to remove.
    Dude. this phones interface is way beyond the E6 I was using. even with the hard buttons of the Treo, I was not able to use with gloves. Maybe you are talking about a Nokia 3310 , in which case thats the only thing you can do on it :P
    - Long emails
    Any mobile device is bad for long emails. Trust me. I have used almost all kinds of devices in last 3 years ( worked for Good Technology, had loads of devices). The touch screen of iphone is similar to the hard buttons of the Treo or MotoQ or Blackberry. It is way better than typing with a stylus.

    For any more replies, please wait for my review of the phone as a new blog post :)

  6. Hi Vibhu,
    Thanks for answering to that rant of mine.
    Sorry but i want to add some more on that rant.

    >Your impression has been from reading many >websites I believe and the steep price mind >barrier.
    ->Sorry,but NO.I havent personally owned Iphone but As a big Mobile freak,i have used it Extensively for a month to understand what is there.

    >Can you tell me a cell phone with better >screen ? I am sorry, I cant recall any.
    I can recall many(iPhone 3G's 320 x 480 3:2 ratio screen )

    -N97 640 x 360 pixels 16:9 ratio screen
    -samsung X1’s WVGA 800 x 480 resolution
    -Nokia 5800 with 640x360 pixels

    >Bluetooth, flash and autofocus, video >recording, MMS ?
    -Without blutooth i cant imagine a phone.I connect my phone with my PC using it to browse internet on my PC.I transfer songs,pictures,vids using bluetooth to my friend's device.(it doesnt cost a penny ).using Iphone,i can not connect to a laptop using bluetooth.
    -Its intersting that i can take pictures using iphone and can not forward them using MMS.
    I know why people dont use mobile video recording because they dont get quality recording.
    -iPhone doesn’t support Flash. which means that You will not be able to see online animations.Worse if website is made of falsh,you will not be able to open them.I can't recall any good mobile phone other than iphone which doesnt support flash,Do you ?

    Sorry i use all these and most of the mobile users do use these things.

    >Gloves to remove.
    Boss,you didnt get me here.I was talking about Capacitive touch.Capacitive touch technology has more clarity than Resistive technology, but capacitive touch only responds to finger contact and will not work with a gloved hand or pen or stylus.Resistive touchscreen tech are not affected by outside elements such as dust or water.(for more on touch screens see:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touchscreen)

    -No Java :Need not to expalain what harm it may cause.
    -No GPS
    -No VoIp
    >Any mobile device is bad for long emails
    -i dont agree with this.i have also used and owned many mobile phones.and it is not limited to one company.I have used best phones of best companies(Samsung,LG,Nokia,RIM)

    anywayz,congratulations for your buy.

  7. Sorry i forgot to talk about multitasking
    Your example doesnt qualify to multitasking, for me.
    lphones only allow apple apps to run in background.
    (Read this for more http://whydoeseverythingsuck.com/2008/03/apples-iphone-sdk-prohibits-real-mobile.html)

  8. And about geo-tagging.take any good mobile with good camera ia able to do that.(N78 and N96 to name a few)

    Yes mine also do that.