So, finally my relatives heaved a sigh of relief. I became a daddy.

Its strange, relatives have an insatiable hunger for fiddling with other people's lives. First they hound you to death for getting married, then they keep asking .. "when will you become 3", and now that I finally have a kid, they want to know when is the 2nd one coming ! WTF ! People ! If you have messed with your life, don't go and mess with mine !

Anyways, rant over, back to the topic.

So, finally I became a dad. Kid is doing fine. a pic on facebook. People/Relatives decreeing that I should not be posting up more pics as they will catch the evil eye. gah !

Mixed emotions really. At first its unbelievable - not like 'it cant be happening' but more like 'has it really happened?' No matter how much people tell you about the 'miracle of life' you don't realize what they mean till it happens to you. So much for learning from history. I guess thats why we keep making the same mistakes ... we dont learn from others mistakes.. but I am digressing.

I was called in first to see the kid in the Infant ICU. He was sleeping peacefully on one side, legs crossed. took a pic to show to my in-laws as they were not allowed inside. Took another pic the next day which I uploaded on FB. Thanks for the wonderful comments folks ! :)

Wifey and baby got discharged after a couple of days at the office. She felt great coming back home. Hospitals kind of freak her out.

The next night was the 'i will keep you awake' night. The kid started crying at 3 am till about 7am. I had slept at 1am. Only 2 hrs sleep. Took to doctor as soon as we could. He checked and said everything is ok - just some gas.

Also he said that kids are usually active at night, and the patterns change after 2-3 months.


so, as of now, more sleepless nights. Getting to know the kid. Sometimes he frowns in his sleep. Sometimes he smiles , then wakes up, realizes he is not where he was dreaming, and starts to cry. sometimes he just wakes up, makes a slight sound - making us think he is getting up, and then calmly sleeps for another hour. sometimes we think he is sleeping when he gets up. Somehow he knows when we are getting ready to sleep, and he gets ready to wake up !

a new experience. its a 'wow' experience.


  1. Anukampa DuttaJuly 29, 2009 7:53 PM

    Hi! Vibhu,
    Welcome to parenthood...we are happy because why should you sleep peacefully when we are not....just joking....these sleepless nights is transient never get used to them and you don't need to...its just a way of God telling you that your parents did a lot for you and respect n love them for making you what you are...anyway enjoy every moment because babys grow up fast...and you won't realise how fast the time passed...Congratulations and thanks for giving us an absolutely adorable nephew...Bye n take care...

  2. Awesome :)
    Congrats :)
    What will be the first thing you teach him .. Bikes or Games :D

  3. lol! firstly congrats once again, very well written ;) i guess things will improve after few months, the kid gets used to new surroundings and you get to understand him better :)

  4. Hi Vibhu,
    So what name is decided for kid?
    dont make it complicated like "Narendra Katlamudi" :P.
    Hope he will fullfill ur dream of becoming Pilot!!

  5. Hey Vibhu Congrats!!!
    What is the kid name decided?