Cost of a Mac

So, someone was telling me the other day that if one wants to get a laptop of the same spec as a Mac, it would cost more.

Is that true ? I decided to check it out.

I decided to check it against the Alienware laptops from Dell. ( Alienware used to be a different company, but Dell aquired it a few years back. I guess they thought they would benifit from the reach of Dell).

Here I am not going to go on about the OS part of it. Just the hardware part. OS is a personal choice. If you like to let the OS do everything - its a Mac for you. If you want to configure everything - go and get Linux. If you want something in between - try Windows. Whatever.

This is a comparison purely for gaming rigs. I am looking at the cost vs specs of a high end gaming rig.

Macbook Pro Alienware (custom rig)
Cost : $2499 $2074
Screen : 17" 17"
Memory : 4 GB 4GB
Hard Disk : 500 GB 5400rpm500GB 7200rpm
Processor : 2.8 GH Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9600
Keyboard : BacklitBacklit
OS : Mac OS X Windows Vista Home Premium 64
Colour : White Black
Graphics : 9600M GT (512MB) GTX250M (1GB)
Weight : 2.99kg not specified
Battery Life : 7 hrs not specified
Screen Size : 1920x1200 1440x900

Matching the specs of the apple , the Alienware rig comes out to be less costly !


  1. Size, weight? Screen resolution? Battery life?

  2. Valid points Shashvat. Updated the list with some of them. Not getting all the info from Alienware.

    You know, I want to believe the mac is a better buy... However, looking from a gamers perspective, I think that Alienware is better.

  3. alienware seems to be a better buy, but I want a mac one day... (well, i want alienware too.. :| )

  4. based on what --xh-- said, all choices are not rational and brand plays on irrational (emotional) aspect of people in making choices. the whole of marketing industry is running on this.

  5. @Vishal , yup. And more so Apple seems to work totally on this !