India's Achievements ?

Tomorrow is Independence day.

Once more people will get drunk it being a holiday - oh wait ... its on a Saturday. Damn! One holiday gone ! WTF !

I though am thinking on other lines.

Its been 60+ years now since India gained Independence. And I wonder.

I wonder how. I wonder why.

There are almost no world class achievements.

I can only think of one achievement which puts India on par with other world powers. The Delhi Metro. I see that and think - wow ! This is something which the people have done which we can proudly say we are shoulder to shoulder with other countries.

I am sure there are other achievements, but I can't think of any.

Achiements like a gold medal in the Olympics don't count - for a country so vast and with so much potential, a single gold medal is like a consolation prize. I am thinking more on the lines where can say 'hum kise se kum nahi' .

What are your thoughts ? What achievements can you think of ?

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  1. For a country that is having such diversity in all facets of life, I think its a great achievement that we manage to pull ahead as a democratic nation.

    Of course our democracy is not perfect. We have corruption, we have mindless politics, we have misrepresentation et al but vis a vis other nations comparable to us in this context, I think we are half bad or half good depending on how you look at it.

    I feel proud to be a citizen of a democratic country with so many diversities. I think it shows that we are bound by something - its not religion, its not dictatorship imposed on us - its a common sense of unity. This is a great achievement IMHO.

    But Indians are very good at articulation and planning. We lag in implementation. The Rs.1 allocated by the Govt, by the time it percolates down to the project/person to whom its allocated, would have become 5ps or less. And most of our grand projects hardly see the light of day.

    We need to stop analysing things and debating things too much and start working on them more and more.