Hello World - in Android

Its been quite some time since I coded something in Android after setting it up. In the meantime, my system got formatted, and change in office project meant I was not getting much time to work on programming. After all, Managers don't code - eh ?

Well, I dont know. I like coding. Its an itch I have to take care of. So, after the initial Android examples, I tried a little change in the Android's Hello World. I was awake anyways watching the Uruguay vs Netherland's World Cup match! :)

The code changed a bit from the default 'Hello World'. Instead of static text, I added a edit box and an 'ok' button. Clicking on it will make an alert box pop up with a small message.

Its a small piece of code - about 40 lines. However, the API is a bit confusing for me, especially since I am also relearning Java as I go along.

Next on the agenda - make a small graphics app.

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