2010 recap

The year went fast ! But then a lot of things also happened... just a minor recap in no particular order

Movies seen
  • Avatar ( non 3D version)
  • Dabang
  • Ishquiya
  • Udaan
  • Shrek 4
  • Percy Jackson and the Ligtning Thief
  • The Social Network
  • Tron
Bike Rides/Bikenomads
  • Rode to Neemrana Fort. The only ride this year :(
  • Had to cancel the BN calendars due to delays in the printing. Now 2011 calendars are on the way to being printed.
  • Had to cancel the BN annual meet - again due to delays and low response. However 20XI meet is planned for Goa and seems to be getting good response.
Other Trips
  • 2 trips to Dehradun, one in car. Love that place. 
  • 2 trips to bangalore
  • A trip to Singapore
  • A trip to Santa Clara, went via the North Pole ;)
  • World of Warcraft : Cataclysm got released. I have a level 85 character now. My favorite game for many years now, and my wife's nemesis :)
  • Started a Guild in World of Warcraft called 'Vinash'
  • StarCraft 2 : completed the single player. Dont have any enthusiasm about the multiplayer part. 
  • Batman : Arkham Asylum : Neat game. 
  • Assasins Creed II : Classic game. Love jumping off the buildings. 
  • Civilization V : The best civ game so far 
  • Torchlight : an Indie game - the closest to Diablo you can get. Since Diablo seems to be delayed indefinitely, this is a good passtime.

  • Football World Cup Yeah ! 
  • Olympics
  • And how can one forget the Vuvuzelas
  • CWG gold rush in Delhi
  • I dont follow cricket, so please do not ask anything for that.  ;)
  • Mostly can only remember the corrruption. 
  • CWG scam
  • Radia scam
  • 2G spectrum scam
  • Wikileaks 
  • Joined McAfee. Working with the WaveSecure team - the whole reason for me to join McAfee. This is phone software not AV software, so do not ask me any AV questions
  • In One97 worked on an OutBound Dialer - which got shelved just as we got the 1st version running and stress tested on 1500 ports - tripple that of the previous best. Worked on PayTM a mobile payment initiative.
  • Tried out ChromeOS from hexxeh's builds, booting off the USB drive
  • Did a bit of prelimnary coding on Android. 
  • Learning Django coding.
  • My Configuring Bugzilla post was a hit this year. Lots of people were able to install Bugzilla and left their thanks in the comments field :)
  • iPad got released this year. Waiting for iPad 2 before I buy it ! :D
 Hmm, now I look back - damn. Thats a lot of stuff for a year ! Lets see what 2011 has in store.

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