I dislike Android phones now

I have started to dislike using the Android phones.Sure there are a lot of people who swear by it - but I am getting hit by issues which I did not have to contend with in the last couple of years that I was using the iPhone. Here are just a few of those.

Why is it that the phone manufacturers do not learn from apple and provide substantial internal storage ? Here I got a very stupid error which wants me to uninstall applications. WTF ! Why have an Android market if you cannot even install programs on the device ? The internal memory of the device is just around the 200MB mark - its a joke.


Also keep getting frequent crashes. I understand if there is a crash due to a 3rd party application - but this crash occurred in the android market application !

And now the straw that breaks the camel's back. See the message underlined in red. The damn device rejected an incoming SMS ! WTH !

The phone manufacturers are still taking the consumers for a ride. I am also guilty of being a gullible party - but this is also to do with my friends who let me down in guiding for a new phone. They did not point out these issues - and now when I come across this - they say its there.

Unfortunately I am stuck with this phone for sometime till the price of the 4S comes down in India or I get it from a friend. This is quite frustrating. Simple common sense has not been used by the Android team and the Android vendors.

Sometimes, in interviews people ask what can be changed for a product. If someone asks me about Android - well, they will get an ear full. 


  1. What a timely post Vibhu! I am facing the pain of internal storage on the N1 myself and frankly, can see no reason why this arbitrary cap was put in the first place. There is clearly loads of RAM and loads of storage space; why go cheap on memory in today's age. My gmail stops syncing once the memory goes below 20MB and the worst offenders are google's own apps that I am not allowed to uninstall (for instance I am perfectly happy without goggles, but no luck)


  2. Yeah. I have now removed some of the bigger apps so that I can have sanity - mostly the enterprise apps like Good Messaging which was taking up 50+ MB.

    My next post is on how Android can be improved. Still formulating some ideas on that one.

  3. Seriously something is wrong with you dude... You buy a nokia 1100 and cry later its Black & White... Learn from apple..? you get android phones with 32GB internal memory in cheaper prices... Lol man...