Lunar Eclipse (pics)

June 15th had a total lunar eclipse. Which means that the earth came between the sun and the moon, and overshadowed the moon. What was a full moon, disappeared and then came back to its full shine. This took place in the wee hours of the night, and i would probably have slept through it ( I was to drive back to Delhi the next morning), except that I was unable to sleep. So, got out of bed and went out with the camera to look at the show being put on by the heavens !

Pics are on facebook in the Album 2011 Lunar Eclipse

I am still trying to figure out how to embed the pics from facebook here. Any ideas ? 

Living - Faliure or Success

If you havent failed you havent lived.

This post by a friend on FaceBook started off a thought in my head. Is that really living ?

I think that failure or success has nothing to do with living.

As an example : Lets say you are in some hill station. You have a beautiful view before you - trees rolling down in the valley before you, the mountains further away with snow on them, a cool breeze flowing. You soak in the view and feel alive. Its not about failure or success at this time.

Like this, you can see many examples in your life where you felt alive - and nothing to do with the outcomes.

I think we have been brainwashed into thinking of failure and success. What is success anyways ? How do you define success ? Too often people miss the point and start equating success with wealth.

What are your views ?