Zen moment

Today I had a Zen moment.

Usually, you have heard it a lot. "Still your mind" say people. "Meditate and it will help you. Do yoga" etc. Of course you would have tried it, but never succeeded. How to still the mind when as soon as you close your eyes, you get thousands of thoughts coursing through it ?

The key is obviously, to still the mind.

The key is not meditation, rather anything that can still your mind.

For me, it came in the form of exercise. I am quite overweight, and my current lifestyle is really bad for health. I sit at the same place from morning to well into the night - 5 days a week. Sometimes even on weekends. Work is quite stressful and does not give much time for leisure activity. So, today, after a lot of mentally pushing myself, I went down to the park and jogged, and ran and jogged, and walked. Pushing myself as much as I can go.

And at the point of exhaustion ... the mind went blank. I was just doing the things without thinking.. the mind was completely blank. As I started the walk to cool down, I started getting some thoughts - with a clarity that I was amazed. Then it struck me - to empty your mind, you do not need to necessarily meditate. You do not even need to empty the mind - just to still it. And for me, exercise works. Then I started looking back at all of my ideas, and I realized I used to get them just after some strenuous exercise. That was my 'Zen Moment'. It was like a cloud lifting in front of my eyes. And suddenly, the world looked more vibrant - the shrubs greener, the flowers more vibrant, the vision seemed to see far. I had a smile on my face - and I am sure many people would have been thinking what the hell was I thinking of ?

If this is not a Zen Moment, I do not know what it is.

Now, I need to push myself more. Double benifit of losing some weight and getting some great ideas :)

Resume : A new style

I think people get confused when I try to tell them about my current work, and also about the time I worked in Good Technology. The confusion is mostly around the fact that I was in multiple companies but working on the same projects. So, I came up with a new way to visualize my work life - as a infographics.

What do you think ? Makes sense ?