Anna Effect

There was a lot of euphoria about Anna Hazare breaking his fast. It was no mean feat to go 13 days without food - most of us cant last a day.

However, now that things are simmering down, and the Govt. is after the group associated with Anna for various petty reasons ( in-spite of a much greater stashes of money being siphoned off), the question that comes to my mind is whether the Anna Effect will last - and if so - for how long ? Will it lead to a transformation of society ?

One sure thing about the last month or so is that the Nation has got to know about the larger issues of Corruption. I dont think everyone necessarily agrees with the dictacts of the LokPal Bill, but they do agree that our Country is riddled with corruption - and it is in each and every rung of the society.

Talking with a few cab-drivers on a recent visit to Bangalore , got some insights into their mind.

The one in Delhi had gone to RamLila maidan to be part of the movement. He was adamant that changes will come, and he and his group of friends will not be a part of the corruption. The cab waala in Bangalore was equally vehement and was feeling miffed that he had paid Rs500 as bribe to renew his driving license.

But, once the euphoria settles down, I fear that we will just go back to our old ways. People will rather part with Rs500 than stand in multiple queues trying to get things done the right way. Call me a pessimist, but the behavior of our countrymen does not inspire much optimism in me. I had seen the demonstrations during Mandal commision and the more recent OBC reservation policy, and have seen that people have short term memories and easily forget the pledges they have made when the reality of life strikes them.

What are your thoughts ?