Show me the apps !

Somedays, i just love the new interface in Ubuntu unity. This is one of them. The 'Windows'+ W key combination shows me all the running apps ont he desktop neatly arranged. Then just click on the app you want to go to. This is much better than using the Alt+Tab combination to cycle through applications if you have many of them open.

missing org.eclipse.wst.sse.core

If you get this error with Eclipse on ubuntu, this is how you solve it. This is because of faulty default apt-get repository for Eclipse. You will most likely get this error when you are trying to install the ADT for Android development.
Help -> Install New Software ... 

There add the following source

My current Eclipse install is indigo - which you can find from the splashscreen. To make sure that the URL exists , just open the url you think you should be using in Firefox and it should not give a 404 error.

Now you should be good to go. Go to the 'Install Software..' and try installing the ADT plug-in again - it should work now.

Linux is supposed  to be a dev friendly environment, but the amount of time I spend getting things to work after every new upgrade to the system is insane. No wonders Linux is still not capturing the market ( apart from being a lousy platform for games).