Lvl 25 Indian Guild in World of Warcraft

This is good news !

Most of my readers would know that I play World of Warcraft. Well, I used to - till a few months back when work became overwhelming to really put in enough time in the game.

When I had started playing Wow in 2006, I was always looking for people from India. I found people from far away places like Brazil but no Indians. Then I started a google group and got a few people in it.

At the end of 2010 I started a guild with the people there after a particularly bad day in office. I named it 'Vinash'. We got the guild to a good start with Indian people joining in. Unfortunately we had a couple of real bad eggs who wanted to run the guild and I was not really Guild Leader material. Sad to say that guild disintegrated.

Enter Sumantho who rolled a new Guild. Since I was on the google group and the facebook group I got excited about it and joined it. The guild got more and more people. It was originally rolled on the horde side on Skullcrusher, called Astra, and I rolled a Paladin figuring that I would make a Tank, and levelled him to 85. Turned out, I made a lousy tank :D

Sometime in between, people decided to move to servers in Oceania as the ones in US , due to the distance of the continents , were not giving good latency numbers. Another factor was that on SK we were just not enough people and getting random people to PUG with us was not happening. So different servers were being checked out for people availability and AH prices. Also, the main people were kinda wanting to go Alliance ( me too ). We had some late night calls over this and ultimately a decision was taken to move to Frostmourne and do a faction change. The guild was named Yuva. I moved my Shaman over to the server and being a healer was gearing it up till work and life caught up. After a month of hardly playing I had to sadly stop playing.

But I continued trolling the facebook group.

Then yesterday it got posted that the guild had levelled up to 25 (the max level as of now in WoW). Felt good. Kudos to the team - Brats, Purva, Bobby, and all the others. GG.


  1. Thnks Vibhu for the post :). The best team is only as good as its members. This is a group achievement.. and a first of its kind in India :D

    Gratz all!

  2. Ya Purva. I hope that the guild grows more and gets more visibility. Who knows one day we may even get noticed by Blizzard and get a server in India :)

  3. There are only 25 wow players in India? That's somehow just wrong

  4. Bhaiya, its a guild which is level 25 - guild levels were introduced with Cataclysm. The number if players is more than that. Guild roster shows 212 members as of now ( however this is all the alts also). I think that the actual number of people is around 50 or so.

    1. Please check roster. Alts have rank as Alt. anout 140-150 players in guild rt now. Theres more indians, but not in guild yet since they are scattered on other servers or eu version. We connect on the fb group, although that too has abt 2-3 new additions each week.

  5. Also , quite a lot of indians play on private servers as those are free. Mostly people still in college who do not have credit-cards and also as game cards are not sold much in India.

  6. Vibhu.. this one went absolutely right over my head :-) nevertheless it does sound very impressive :-)

  7. Thanks Ravi :D

    To break it up.

    World of Warcraft is an online game where people group together and slay monsters. Its the most popular one in terms of subscribers. The issue is that the subscribers are not all on one server, rather there are multiple servers as they do not have the technology to allow 10 million people to play together. So what has happened is that people are spread out.

    Now the gaming base in India is quite small. I suspect it is because this game requires a monthly subscription ( around $14 per month) and a broadband connection. Further, due to the servers, the population was spread out on multiple servers and different factions ( e.g. some were on Alliance and some were on Horde)

    The achievement here is to get these people from different servers and different sides to move to a single server and one faction. A guild is like a group - say bikenomads. In the game, you can increase the rank of the guild by doing activities which enable the guild to get experience. Each rank enabled new facilities to the people in the guild. Level 25 is the maximum level the guild can reach at this time.

    I think this is still OHT, but that's the best I can explain :)

  8. Hi guys, any of you planning to play Guild wars 2 ? We can start a desi guild there.

  9. I know that I am - but probably a few months after game launch as I may be travelling. I am pretty sure that someone will come up with an Indian guild.

  10. Hey! I just started playing wow and it is amazing! Glad to see a guild from here.

  11. @Soumya - welcome to the addictive game. I am no longer playing the game due to other life commitments. I suggest you roll a character on Frostmourne and do a "/who yuva" and you can see who all are online.

  12. Ok this might not be the right place to ask but can some Indian wow player please help me out? I posted on the official Blizzard forums but was no good :(

    How do you pay for the monthly subscription? What are my options other than a credit card?