Android on the Netbook

Hey, did you know that you can run Android on the netbook ?

I wanted to get some faster and more usable OS on the netbook I have. Ubuntu with its new direction towards the Unity interface is not one of my favourites. It is buggy and slows down the system quite a bit.

I am currently using Linux Mint which is ok, but i feel that again its just as fast as Ubuntu. Also, the problem is that with the changes in UX in the last few years, it looks archaic.

I was struck by the idea if any of the mobile OSs could be available on the netbook. The only viable choice was Android and I started searching for any project which has this available. I was quite in luck and found the Androidx64 project ! The result is as below. This is so far running off the USB pen drive, as I did not want to install it without first checking everything is running.

Details : 

 Netbook : 

  • Acer One 

 OS : 

 What works : 

  • Most of the things. 

 What does not work:

  • Wifi ( cant seem to get it to working yet)
  • Waking from sleep is not working well. 

How to Install:

  1. Download the android iso. The EEEPC one works for the netbooks.
  2. Download unetbootlin for your OS
  3. Use unetbootlin to write the iso to a USB pen drive. 
  4. Boot from the pendrive and enjoy or be frustrated :D


  1. Sir jee what about makeing call from like S3

  2. For making a call, you need a SIM :)

    OTOH, it should be possible to make a call using skype or viber. I will try that once I can figure out how to make the wifi work.