Virtual Box VPN settings

I use the VirtualBox VPN a lot for checking out the various new flavors of OSs that come out. Part of the job and part of my curiosity. Unfortunately, it seems that the network detection over the VPN is not good, so I was usually ending up getting no network in the VM. However, if I disconnect the VPN, it would work.

This is a pain, as I need access to emails even though I am playing around with settings in the VM. After a few frustrations, I finally found the way out. So, in case someone is facing this problem ( and from the stack exchange posts, it seems that many are) here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: In your VM go to Devices -> Network Adapters.

Step 2: Change the 'Attached to' to "Bridge Adapter" and use the WLAN settings. 

It should now work. If it does not, change the name in the dropdown list. 

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