iPhone5S in short

If I have the money, I would buy it. But man... too damn expensive :'(

In short this is what the new iPhone5S has:

  • The slate color ... definitely the one I want. 
  • 64 bit processor: This is a game changer. People just talk about like how they are just changing to 64bit on the desktop and what difference does it make on the phone. I think its a big deal.
  • Fingerprint scanner: It is a feature that has been around in laptops for sometime - and the feature that most people disable first. Here's hoping that Apple really gets it to work on the iPhone5s. 
  • iWork available free ... good bye Office knockoff apps. This is a full step into enterprise domain. 
  • Camera ... ooh the camera. I wish all phones had cameras like this. Unfortunately this means that the 16GB camera phone is too less of disk space. And the slo mo capture where you can playback the entire video normally, but select a region to play in slo-mo - that is brilliant. 

You asking about the iPhone5C ? Just an iPhone5 with a plastic body. Don't bother with it. 

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