My Earliest Memory of Delhi

Sometimes, a talk about a place triggers a memory long forgotten.

Yesterday, it was about my first recollection of Delhi. We were travelling by car and crossed the new flyovers of Delhi around the ISBT and dad was talking about the delhi of old. My grandfather's house used to be in Mori gate.

I remember the scene quite vividly. It was on the banks of the yamuna in the early morning. The ghat steps led down into the water. Behind was a jamun tree and I remember eating those jamuns. The month would have been summers as the tree usually gives the fruits around that time. In the morning light the soft rays of the sun beamed through the branches and the leaves.

The water at the ghats was quite clear. People were throwing in bits of aata for the fishes. I remember seeing a gang of eels there. I am not sure if I identified them as eels ( due to the wildlife books dad at home) or if dad was with me. But I quite clearly remember the eels writhering in the water fighting over the aata pellets.

I dont remember who was with me on that morning. I would probably be my bua or my dad or my dadi. No recollection of that. But the etherial beauty of the place I remember.

This is the kind of Delhi which the old people remember when they talk fondly of Delhi. This is the Delhi which we can never leave to our children.

Sadly, there are not many pictures of Delhi as a place as most of the pictures seem to be of politicians and british people. The one below is the closest to what I felt ( without the palace )

(Picture from 100 years of Delhi at IbnLive )

Now , my question to you - what were your earliest memory of Delhi ( or your city ) that you can recollect ? 

Royal Enfield One Ride

This weekend, did something a bit different than my usual rides. Royal Enfield had a concept of One Ride - getting as many Royal Enfields on the road. I dont own a RE bike, but with the promise of a bike from PPS, I went along. Reached the RE office at 7:!5am and found a TB 500 waiting for me :)

As far as rides go, it was not much. It was more like a breakfast ride. We went to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - though no one really went inside it.