Key takeaways from WWDC14 :

This was a big update. Much more than I had thought. A lot of startups will be killed by this, but it will give rise to a lot many other startups.

1. There is a new programming language named swift ! Wow . I am sure no one ever saw that coming !
2. Cross device handoff between macs and iOS devices. - Continuity
- We have this kind of thing when using gtalk or some other apps, but usually they just update on both the devices. What Apple has been talking about is that the laptop / iphone will sense when they are in proximity and the update will happen there. Add to it, it seems to be an OS level functionality so maybe in the future other apps will be able to make use of it.
3. Metal - they just stripped away a whole layer of GL to Hardware interaction and provide direct access to hardware capabilities, making the iOS devices "As powerful as a console devices" . We think Apple is getting ready to move into the console space. Add an apple TV to the mix and you have this working as a console streaming to the TV in the living room.
4. Health and Home kits - by baking in these APIs into the OS, App developers will be able to use a standarized API interface to apple machines. I think this will be tied into the iPhone launch in sept where it will have more biometric capabilities.
5. Touch ID integration for other APPs. So far the touch Id was used as authentication only for apple specific apps. Now, you will be able to use it for many other apps who start integrating with it. So, yes - lesser number of passwords. Think of it as a 'sign in with facebook' link that you are used to seeing - only you will use finger print sensors to do it.
6. OS X Yosemite - a new update to the OS - which is FREE! That effectively leaves Windows as the only paid OS for consumers in the world. ( Linux - free, Chrome OS - free, Android - Free , iOS - Free, OSX - Free , Windows - Paid).
7. Extensibility plugins in iOS will take apps to a whole new level. You can use an exposed extension of one app in another APP. I am a bit worried about the security aspects here - but apple did mention that they have been thinking of that and are sure it will work well.
8. Notifications got a major overhaul - so the grouse I have with iOS notifications not being as good as Android notifications may go away. They allow you to do much more now than Android does ( e.g. marking emails ) but I am sure Google is not sitting idle and will have an update sooner or later. Unfortunately, most Android phones will not get to see the updates as most manufacturers do not update the OS to the latest one. However, they also tie in notificaitons on the desktop which I have yet to see on any other OS the way apple handles it. All that I get on other OSs is a baloon popup :(
9. Apple finally seems to have figured out iCloud Drive - and this is going to make many services like Dropbox redundant. Though to really use it I think you need a very good bandwidth WiFi connection.

Some people are - as usual - disappointed about no hardware talk - but I think that is to be expected. This was a  World Wide _Developer_ conference. It is all about software. Wait till September for the hardware updates - and since Tim Cook mentioned that this is the 25th WWDC from Apple, I have high expectation of hardware enhancements which will utilize all these software updates that they have brought in.

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