Affected by Petya

#Petya ransomeware started to creep out on 27th June. Initial analysis by Symantec and McAfee seems to indicate that it is similar to the #WannaCry ransomware that hit about a month back, but Kaspersky says it is #NotPetya

Ransomware screen. Win 8 systems. Source

Also note that the email address that is mentioned in the ransomware screen is blocked. So, even if you pay the ransom ( and 35 people have paid ) , there is no way you are going to un-encrypt your system.

Do not pay Ransomware. The email id is blocked.

While the AV companies debate it out as to what it is, here is the toll that it has taken so far :

Leave a comment if you come across more companies hit by this malware. Please link to source.
  • Russia
    • Rosneft (Oil Producer)
    • Home Credit ( Banks)
    • Evraz ( steel makers )
  • Denmark
  •   Britian
  • USA
    • Merck
  • Ukraine
    • Banks
    • Power Grid
    • International Airport 
    • Metro (wholesale store)
  • France
    • Saint Gobain
  • Germany
    • Deutsche Post
  • Netherlands
  • India
    • Beierdorf AG (India branch) ( makers of Nivia)
    • Reckitt Benckiser ( India branch) ( makers of Dettol , Lysol )
    • Jawaharlal Nehru Port  

Side Note : Someone with the account 1FuckYouRJBmXYF29J7dp4mJdKyLyaWXW6  as paid 0.0000666 BTC ( approx 16 cents ) . That's one way of getting your point across !

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