The new Vista comes out with DRM inbuilt, but is it such a good thing? Do you as a customer want DRM?

Oh wait , probably you don't even know what DRM is which is being forced down your throats by the record companies and other software companies ? Here's a short recap on DRM:

DRM : Digital Rights Management.

Its a new technology which the music companies want you to use so that you cannot copy thier content anywhere. Some content on the iPods, like purchased songs from iTunes library, are DRM protected. What this means is that you can only have the songs on your iPod. So, if you upgrade and want to try out something new like Zune, you will have to buy everything all over again. Sounds bad ? Well, this is what you are going to get in the near future.

Its kinda like I buy a cassette, which I put in one of my cassette players - you know some old BPL sanyo system. Then I go out and buy a state of the art Bose, and now I cannot play the casette there, cause the manufacturers think that if I am using the cassette which I used somewhere else, I am pirating. This scenario sucks!

The long answer can be found on Wikipidea.

If you still dont think that my reasoning is good enough why not to go for DRM, read the below article. It will explain, in a way much better than I can, as to why you should not use the DRM :

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