Heat is On : Fire Blooms

Just another day's drive to the office.. or was it ? Yesterday evening's rain had made the temperature bearable. Also, this time I was with my camera looking for an opportunity to take a pic.

Its not easy though.

The traffic is the slow stop and go types. There is no place where you can pull over and get out of the car without the cars piling up behind you and blaring their horns. At a traffic light ( I was trying a new route through RK Puram), I saw a flash of yellow. Took out the camera from my bag and took a couple of pics. The gulmohar trees ( I hope I have identified the tree correctly) bloom in the summers , painting the treelines in reds and yellows.

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  1. lovely pic :) btw, that's not a gulmohar...but i dont know what it is!! not amaltas either..