Linux in Windows 10

In my brief stint in Microsoft, I worked on a project that was called Services For Linux. It was a project to get the posix commands working on the command line.

I was pretty excited as I had been a long time user of Linux already, and thought it was quite rad to have this thing in linux iteself. I had already been using cygwin shells before in other companies. However, the excitement turned sour quite early on due to the attitude within the company. If there was a bug, it was mostly marked as 'as per design', and any argument that this is not how it works on linux was met with 'We are Microsoft. We do it our way'.

So, I am quite surprised and excited to see that Microsoft partnered with Canonical to get this in Windows10. So, far the demo seems to show it as an actual full fledged bash shell, instead of the lame implementation the SFU team was working on.

As usual, expect quite a big backlash from the online Linux community towards Canonical.

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